Производство МЖБК на стройплощадке

В августе 2017 понадобится от 800 до 1000 грузовиков сборного железобетона

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) A city parking garage meant to drive downtown development is rising out of a formerly vacant lot on schedule.
kak_u_nih_1The 715 car parking garage has been showing progress and the preparation behind the construction is helping push the project toward completion.

In August anywhere between 800 to 1,000 semi-truck loads of precast concrete are expected to be added to the structure.

«You are going to see a lot of precast cement showing up,» said Jerry Danforth, City Facilities Manager. The cement that I am referring too looks similar to what you would see for building bridges. It’s big semi loads with one or two pieces of concrete.»

This construction means streets will remain closed downtown but the precast cement will piece together the 4 story high garage at a faster pace.

«We will build a parking garage in two phases. We’ll build the East half first and then we will build the West half second,» said Danforth. «It’s difficult to do this kind of construction downtown because we have three different construction projects going on next to each other.»

The garage is not planned to stand alone. 16 retail store spaces are being designed with a plan to possibly add a restaurant.

«The garage will be finished and be ready to be occupied in March,» said Bob Cowell, Deputy City Manager. «The reality is, we would expect it to take actually a couple of years to be able to fill all the retail space. So, people shouldn’t be surprised when the garage opens there may not be any retail tenants in it. It will take some time.»

The current operation and management team for the garage is undetermined but the convention hotel built down the street will be leasing 150 parking spaces from the garage for $450,000 annually. To see the concept for the hotel, click here.

On the other side of the garage, workers are adding exterior panels to the Xcel Energy headquarters which is also going up to open in the spring. More than 300 Xcel workers will move out of the current headquarters on several floors of the Chase Tower.

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